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Dentistry Revolution is located in Greensboro, NC

A friendly, dedicated, and gentle dentist, Dr. Kordsmeier and his caring team provide general and advanced family & cosmetic dentistry for every dental need. We offer treatments such as root canals, extractions, implant supported crowns, bridges, single tooth anesthesia, smile whitening, and Invisalign. We also use Calaject Anesthesia System and iTero Element scanner office. New Patients are always welcome!

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“My absolute best experience. Dr. Kordsmeir and his assistant have the best bedside manners. The practice is new and has a tranquility about it.”

“This was my first time visiting them and I have to say I loved it! Everyone was so friendly I felt at home! They didn’t waste any time. They were very thorough with everything. I would definitely recommend to anyone!”

“I have to have a whole lot of work on my teeth because of growing up with bad habits. I decided that I am tired of bad teeth and wanted better for myself. Dentistry Revolution friendly staff encouraged me to keep up with the good habits and that I'm getting closer and closer to healthier teeth. I love this place.”

“they explained everything in detail. very sweet, generous and patient. very easy to talk too, and they actually cared. i would highly recommend them to any college student or young adult if they are looking for a great dentist! :)

“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.” ― John F. Kennedy

Phew! No more pain and irritation from my tooth. The root canal went smoothly without any pain. I even ate lunch two hours later without any of the lingering numbness I usually feel from fillings. I'm gonna invite Dr. Kordsmeier to my next vacation for another one. Seriously, it went that well! Thanks

I am new to D.R. and have only the best things to say about him and the entire staff. They are all very friendly & I am never kept waiting more than a few minutes after check in. I had 9 cavities - 4 done the first time, 5 the second. I was in and out of there in an hour both times. Very little pain and Dr. Kordsmeier is thorough and makes sure you are comfortable the entire time. He is also happy to sit and answer questions afterwards. I recommend him highly.

I went to this dentist for the first time and it won't be my last. Excellent service and the dentist was very helpful. I drove all the way from Durham to come to Dentist. Biggest reason because of their great reviews. If you looking at this review I would highly recommended this dentist if you looking for a new dentist to go to. You will NOT be disappoint.

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” ― Voltaire
-Tyce & Friends

Highly recommend Dr. Kordsmeier! He is very knowledgeable, friendly (as well as the staff), and informative. Upon moving to Greensboro I needed to find a dentist and I'm glad I chose Dentistry Revolution! I liked that while receiving the treatment he explained every step and made my experience that much more comfortable. Thank you, Dr. Kordsmeier.

Very thorough and detail orientated professional service. Friendly and courtdeous staff. Met and excelled all of my expectations. Highly recommend going here, you will not regret it.

I absolutely love this place! I moved here from the north and needed a good dentist. I found Dr. Keith on Google and have referred several people to him since. His entire staff is absolutely wonderful and make me feel very welcomed and appreciated. Will not go to anyone else!!

I am new to NC and was apprehensive about going to a new dentist. I was instantly put at ease from the time I was greeted! The facility is clean, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable as well as thorough. I am very pleased with my decision.

By far the best dentist I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. The entire staff was extremely pleasant. Everyone I encountered was amazing. They are very informative. Everything is explained up front through a very thorough process. Dr. Kordsmeier was nothing short of amazing. I got a root canal and going into the process I was prepared for a horrible experience because I've heard horror stories about getting root canals. I can honestly say it was nothing like I'd heard. I literally had no pain through my process. I was requested for my gums to be numb. A little discomfort from the numbing needle and having my mouth stretched open for so long, very typical for this type of dental work though. Other than that I was great. My mouth was back to normal. From visiting other dentist and having much pain just from the consultation visit... I can honestly say Dr. Kordsmeier and his staff are top notch.

I haven't been to the dentist in a few years. So obviously I needed a thorough cleaning and evaluation. At Dentistry Revolution I was given quick and courteous service and I felt very welcome. In addition, the staff were all excellent and did great work with my cleaning and x-rays, not to mention the doctor did a superb job at providing professional advice and information. I would highly recommend this practice to my family and friends.

Great experience at Dentistry Revolution. The staff is fantastic and I got great advice on how to maintain healthy teeth. The dentists were thorough and made sure to cater to whatever was in my best health interests.

Dr. Kordsmeier and his staffs are very nice and kind. And their interior and atmosphere are very clean and great. I highly recommend this place.

Dr Keith is fantastic. I am RN. I love the way he told me every step and procedure. He is very experienced. His credentials are very visible when you walk into his office. His staff was very experienced and welcoming.

Dr. Kordsmeier and his staff are wonderful. I've been seeing him for my dentistry needs for a few years now and have had great results. I just had five old fillings redone at his office yesterday and experienced no pain at all. In fact, I was able to chew and eat normally the same day of the procedure. I definitely recommend Dentistry Revolution to anyone looking for a dentist.

Just had a root canal done and I'm surprised that the procedure was totally pain-free, even pressure-free. The Novocaine needle is one of my feared parts of the procedure and even that was pain-free. My tooth is saved and when I feel it it feels like a real tooth. SO GLAD I went here.

I want to take a moment to let others know that I felt that Dr. Kordsmeier and his assistant Emilie went over and beyond what I was expecting from a visit to the dentist! Not only did they explain to me the procedures they were going to do, but also made sure that I was comfortable throughout my visit from start to finish! I was thrilled with the outcome and highly recommend this office and appreciate how I was very well taken care of today!

Finally a dentist that leaves me smiling! I had a great experience with this office, the friendly staff, and their excellent equipment. Everyone there was so focused on making sure I had a great visit and the most thorough dental and periodontal exam I have ever had. I went in to my appointment anxious because I was expecting horrible news, a massive bill, and the stress of scheduling return visits to completely fix my problem. I left having had ALL of my concerns addressed and fixed in one day, in no pain, my bill explained, worked out and paid with no hassle, and a happy sigh of relief! SO grateful!

This place is thorough. My first visit they did a comprehensive examination and for a lesser price than the place I went to before that just took an x-ray. The dentist really educated me on proper preventative care for my teeth and also got to know me as a person. 5 Stars

I'm not ashamed to say that as a college student this was my first trip to the dentist office without my Mom. Lol! I was really skeptical about going because I was away from home and had found this dentist online but I figured they had a lot of awesome reviews so I would give it a try. I didn't have to worry at all with Dr. Kordsmeier and his staff. They are amazing. The entire staff was very welcoming and the exam was probably the most thorough exam I have ever received without having to sit for half of the day. My entire wait period was maybe 5 minutes if not less. Not only were they gentle while doing the exam but they also kept me informed on what they were doing and why they were doing it. Weeks later, I received a call from the office as a check up call to see how I was doing and if I had any questions about anything that was done at my last visit. Love it.

Have no fear...Dr. Kordsmeier and his staff are here! These guys are dental superheroes! Dr. K and his staff are friendly from the time that you call to schedule your appointment and it doesn't end there. They welcome you into the office and your comfort is always top priority. Dr. K is knowledgeable and always makes sure to explain to you his course of action for your treatment so that you know exactly what is going to happen during your visit. As does any good superhero, Dr. K has special equipment such as his handy "Wand" that has enabled me to have several fillings done virtually pain-free! If you are looking for someone to care for your oral health, look no further than the amazing staff at Dentistry Revolution!

I had some issues that o didn't know I had. I found Dr. Kordsmeier's practice online and after reading many of their great reviews decided to pay him a visit. Very friendly staff that walked me through all I needed to do for a pleasant visit, especially Stephanie. Went in for a root canal and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, everything went smoothly without an ounce of pain. I'd like to thank Dr. Kordsmeier and his staff for a pleasant visit and will be returning there in the future.

I had an appointment this morning as a first time patient. The staff is VERY nice and friendly. The assistant Stephanie was very informative and explained everything to me very well. Dr. Kordsmeier was really nice and went step by step and explained everything he was doing and why he was doing it. I walked out knowing even more about my teeth than I thought I would. Anyone looking for a dentist should definitely come here!

The dentist was very nice and his hygienist was great. However, the first technician who came in to review my medical history did not look me directly in the eye, talk loud enough for me to hear her, and she was not able to tell me what I needed to sign the trackpad for.


I was impressed from the moment I walked into the office by the friendly staff, the wonderful colors rather than the usual dentist drab & because they were good enough to see me as a new patient on a moments notice. The work done to create a temporary crown was as painless as possible, I was told what was being done & what I should do until my next appt. I LOVE THE OFFICE!!

Years ago I was triggered to find a new dentist and I chose Dentistry Revolution. Each and every time I look in the mirror, clean my teeth, I know I made the right decision. Dr. Kordsmeier made needed repairs to old work, whitened my teeth and actually improved the strength of my bite with a strong bridge across my lower front teeth. I always had regular check ups and took care of my teeth but until you have a tune up you don't know how good you really can feel. Thank you again Dr. Kordsmeier and wonderful staff Kimberly, Liz, Stephanie, and Kathy, the best hygienist ever. Yes, you will be treated like family!Wayne

Just incredible! This visit proves why I drove 8 hours to get back home to get a very bad tooth ache treated by Dr. Kordsmeier. Not only did he take my call right away, but I was taken back immediately, x-rayed, and the tooth was fixed within an hour. Those treating me had already been told of my problem and where waiting to help. While recovering, I have received calls from the office to check and make sure everything is going fine. I've told family about the experience and they can not believe the care this office is taking! Thank you for helping me!

The service we receive at Dentistry Revolution is unfailingly prompt, friendly and professional, and makes a visit to the dentist a painless experience!
-Fraser Welsford

It is always a pleasure to visit and I am very pleased with all of the work that has been done to my teeth. My health is better thanks to Dr.Kordsmeier and his staff. Thanks!

Visits are always very pleasant. Staff has a genuine concern for my well being, not only as a client but as a person. Dr. Kordsmeier likewise conveys the same concern. Dr. K and his staff are very intuitive and accommodating when attending to this client's needs. I am very satisfied with the treatment I receive.

I am certain that I have never had a more pleasant dentist’ office visit, even given the fact that I had to have a somewhat (inescapably) painful procedure done. Dr. K and every member of the staff were incredibly open, compassionate, and communicative. I’ve already started recommending them to friends and coworkers.

When I first looked up dentists in Greensboro NC, Dentistry Revolution was the first to pop up! I read the reviews and they were all good, positive feedback, so I decided to give Dentistry Revolution a visit. When I first went in for my appointment everyone was so helpful and nice and they all greeted with me with open arms. Dr. Kordsmeirer was very helpful, he explain to me everything and from that point on I trusted Dr. Kordsmeirer. I have been to his office 3 times already and I don't plan on going to any other dentist in Greensboro unless I move lol. I recommend this dentist to anyone who is in need of a Dentist home/family because Dr. Kordsmeier and his team will greatly take care of you.

My beautiful smile can be attributed to the team's long-term care plan and to the latest in dental treatments and technology. I am always greeted with a warm smile and prompt service. Dr. Kordsmeier and his team are wonderful!

I love this office. Staff are amazing and very helpful. i will highly recommend Dr. Kordsmeier to all my family and friends. Whenever i'm there for an appointment, he makes sure he explains in detail what he's getting ready to do. I've had a root canal and deep cleaning done and i'm very impressed with his works! Thanks Dr. K!

Before I was a patient at Dentistry Revolution, I dreaded going to the dentist because of the bright lights, the noise and lasting pain I had always experienced in the past. I am happy to tell you that the older style of dentistry is gone for good. If you want to make sure that you are getting the best care possible, then make sure to make an appointment here!NOW with Dentistry Revolution, I have had NO problems at all, and have been treated like I am a part of the family and I could not be happier. I never knew it was possible to go to the dentist and ACTUALLY have a good time. If you, a family member, or any friends are looking for a new dentist, (or even if they already have one) I urge everyone to see what wonders they can do for you. They have the most polite, friendly, and caring staff I have ever seen. I could not be happier with their service, expertise, and facilities...everything! Dentistry Revolution is hands down, the only way I would ever see a dentist again.

Every time I go to the dentist I am very happy when I leave every time. From switching dentists due to an accident with chipping my front teeth and part of the tooth being lodged in my lip (sorry a bit vulgar :) ) Keith and his staff have made me want to go to the dentist because of how professional and wonderful the staff is. It makes me leave everytime with a brighter smile, and no pain any visit when I leave...Which is more than I can say for my previous dentist. The office is very technologically advanced and EXTREMELY clean and it runs very well. It is a wonderful place to go, and I could NOT go without saying that everyone needs to visit this office even if they are seen by another practice, because I promise you will leave amazed at what you have seen and observed. I have great, profound respect for Keith Kordsmeier and all he has done for my family, as well as myself. PLEASE visit at LEAST once. I guarantee you will have an excellent experience. There is no way you can not!

I was in need of a great dentist around Greensboro, NC and thankfully I can say I have found just that! On my first visit to Dentistry Revolution I was scared to hear about the condition of my teeth. It had been three years since I last seen a Dentist due to relocating and various other reasons. I needed 6 fillings, an extraction and deep scale cleaning. (Yikes). The molar that needed the extraction was sensitive and I was afraid that the procedure would cause extreme pain. Dr.Kordsmeier talked me through the entire procedure and took all possible measures to keep me comfortable, My extraction went very well. I have been back three times since the extraction an each visit goes very well, I would recommend any one to this practice. I hope this makes Dr. Kordsmeier day.

It had been a VERY long time since I had been to a dentist due to major anxiety issues and even embarrassment. Doctor K and his staff are all extremely caring, encouraging and knowledgable. More than once he has personally called to check in and follow up. They are a great team and actually looking forward to the continued improvements of my dental health and my smile!

They really seem like they care about their patients. The doctor and nurse are very friendly and made me feel well taken care of. I have had a couple dentists and he is the best. Highly recommend !

I really like this dentist. I had to have a tooth pulled today and they greeted me with warm smiles and talked to me the whole time. I was there for about 45 minutes. It was quick and easy and did not hurt at all. It can be pricey if you do not have insurance but, I am sure that is anywhere. You get what you pay for. Good and nice people. I definitely recommend this place.

I always scared visiting dentist. Recently, I visited Dr. Kordsmeier dental clinic and very happy with the service provided. I am going to visit again and I strongly recommend his name to anyone who is looking for good dentist. He is very friendly and down to earth. In addition, office is full of amazing staff .I would also like to thank Stephanie, she was friendly and I am very pleased with the work. I simply went to this clinic based on reviews and now I know why so many people are saying good things about Dr Kordsmeier. Overall, Great experience. Keep up the good work.

Maronda Jones ( 1 month ago): My experience with Dentistry Revolution was a wonderful one. This was my first trip to the dentist in over 10 years. They assured me that they can get my smile to a healthier state, They were very informational, precise and efficient with all their technology. I am a happy and excited client.

My visit was very informative and pleasant. Everyone made me feel like I actually mattered to them and they were genuinely concerned. Dr. Kordsmeier and Kathy were especially helpful and kind. Thank you!

Excellent. The dentist/staff was very sensitive to my needs. My questions were answered to my satisfaction and I would strongly recommend this office to anyone in need of caring, professional service.

Very professional, on time, up to date equipment, well trained, competent, and courteous staff.

My experiences with the dental practice has and continues to be a rewarding experience in that, i enjoy the progress on my smile, the courteous staff, and the most caring dental practice that guides and directs me through the process of personal oral hygiene. Thank all of you.

I love coming to see all of you because it is like family...Well I love seeing all of you but don't like paying the bill. Now smile! LOL I also appreciate when Dr. kordsmeier calls later that evening to check on his patient...When you get older and alone that means a great deal.

What can I say, but you are the best!!

The most pleasant dental experience I’ve had.

Thank you for saving my life. You took my blood pressure during a normal oral examination and found that it was very high. With your urging I went to my family doctor. He found that my blood pressure was high because my kidneys were almost totally collapsed, and he sent me to a specialist. After several months of help from all of them my kidneys are almost back to normal. Thank you again for taking my blood pressure.

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